For a free online estimate please snap a few pictures and either:
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Text to: 512-656-3368

Pricing to repair a small door ding starts at $75. We consider a small dent to be dime to nickel size in diameter. There are a few other factors that we use to determine the price to repair a dent which include it's depth and location.

The ding pictured on the left is a small ding however it has a deep, sharp center and it is located on the bodyline. A repair like this one would run $125.

You will receive a discounted price for multiple dents and we do not charge extra for mobile repair. In addition we provide no obligation, free estimates!

Large dent pricing generally falls in the range of $150-$300. Usually we can give a rough estimate based on a picture as well as determine if the larger dent is fixable by means of PDR.

The images to the left should help give an idea of what larger dents will cost to fix.

The cost of hail damage repair can vary greatly. We will have to see the car in person to give you an estimate.

While no one likes hail (except us), the one optomistic thought to keep in mind is that hail damage is covered by insurance and because it is an act of nature it will not raise your rates. We will work with your insurance company if necessary to ensure they provide adequate funds to pay for your repair.

If your deductible is $500 or less we can almost guarantee it will be worth your time to claim the damage, even if you don't feel it's very bad. Auto hail damage is estimated per panel and can add up in a hurry.