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Bodyline dent on the hatch of a Toyota 4Runner
2 foot long sharp crease on the rear quarter panel of a Mazda
Large basketball size dent on a Dodge Ram 1500 hood
Oval shaped dent on the hood of a Mini Cooper
Warped and dented left front fender on a Dodge Charger
Huge bedside crease on a Chevy Silverado
Severe quarter panel damage on a Honda Accord.
Enormous bedside damage on a Chevy Colorado
Coconut size damage on the fender of a Ford Van
Several Dodge Ram bedside dents along the bodyline
Softball size quarter panel bodyline damage
This kind of damage occurs when your door hits something as it is opened. Results with this kind of damage depend on the type of vehicle and the severity of the damage.
Small, sharp dent on the bodyline of a Dodge Challenger
Hail damage on the hood of a Honda Element
Dented door on a Jeep Grand Cherokee
Dented rear quarter panel on a Hyundai Veracruz
Severe basketball sized bodyline dent on a Dodge Ram 1500.